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•MAKING A NEW POST || +15 Credits || A post made by you in thegames, thearena or thecapitol that other characters may reply to.
•NEW CR || +25 Credits || Tagging ANY character that you have never tagged before. Have you threaded with this character in-game before? No?! Then you get 25 credits your first time.
•REPLYING TO A POST || +5 Credits || Replying to any in-game post; for example mod post, event post, party post, opening arena post, network post, etc.
•REPLYING TO A THREAD || +10 Credits || Replying to any top-level comment thread posted by another character in a group log.
•10+ COMMENT STRING || +5 Credits || A thread consisting of 10 or more comments between two characters - approximately 5 each.
•50+ COMMENT STRING || +5 Credits || A thread consisting of 50 or more comments between two characters - approximately 25 each. (This should give you at least 10 credits earned for this thread.)
•100+ COMMENT STRING || +5 Credits || A thread consisting of 100 or more comments between two characters - approximately 50 each. (This should give you at least 15 credits earned for this thread.)

•FINISHED THREAD || +5 Credits || A thread that comes to a close, ICly. Both/all parties receive the points.

August AC period:

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TOTAL: 890
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Name: Wes
Other characters: Starkiller in District 3 and Elsa in District 9

Name: Bro Strider
Fandom: Homestuck
Canon point/AU: Post-death

Journal: [personal profile] plushaeusrumpified
PB: Canon and Fanart
History: Here is a wiki article

Presentation:There is a lot to say about Bro Strider and not any real easy way to begin. Not long into Dave's intro, you learn a fair bit about Bro himself. According to Dave, Bro is pretty much the coolest guy ever and someone that Dave clearly looks up to. He is a master of irony, according to Dave, and to further prove this it's shown that he maintains several different ironic websites. Basically, you won't find a more ironic or cool guy anywhere else. Taking a look in their apartment, however, shows that beyond the 'coolness', Bro is just plain weird. He seems to have somewhat of an obsession with puppets; the house is filled with them. Among the ironically maintained websites he has is a puppet pornography website dedicated to them, and a lot of the puppets in the apartment are pretty sexual in nature. Not all of them are, however. A lot of them seem to be hip-hop and rap themed- because that's another thing about Bro, he's skilled in the art of rapping. In fact, the most important puppet in his collection is his ventriloquist puppet Lil Cal, with whom he uses to rap.

Actually, he uses Lil Cal for a lot of things aside from rapping. He's rarely seen without him, showing that the puppet is pretty important to him. In fact, he uses him for daily strife times with Dave on the roof, using the puppet to sword fight as opposed to directly doing it himself. He can move so fast that it's as if the puppet has a life of its own. This leads to the fact that Bro is an extremely good fighter. He's been training Dave since he was a baby, which shows that not only is Bro an irresponsible guardian, but that he's also been skilled with a sword for pretty much all of his life. It's when he's fighting that it becomes clear how intelligent, cunning and strategic he can be. Nevermind the fact that it takes a lot of skill to be able to fight using a puppet as a proxy, he's also quick with his reflexes and knows how to watch and wait to figure out when best to attack- puppetmaster is more than just a title, he lives up to it while fighting.

In comparison to Dave, Bro is a lot more laid back and it shows in his actions as well as his way of speaking. Sarcasm is also a Strider trait and Bro is no exception, not to mention he's also pretty big troll when it comes to people. It's never maliciously, he just has a weird sense of humour and rather likes screwing with people when he has the opportunity- Dave most of all, but no one is safe from his snark or mind games if he decides he wants to mess with someone. Along with that, Bro can also be rather inappropriate a lot of the time- how could he not, when he's the king of irony as well as a professional puppet pornographer? That is to say, he's not afraid to talk about sex and certainly does not shy away from it should the topic go that direction, and he tends to make lewd comments on occasion.

Along with his freaky puppets, rapping and mind games, Bro also enjoys other things too. Given his dumb pointy shades, he obviously likes anime and imitates it to a certain extent by his choice in wearing them- of course, it's totally an ironic thing and he isn't serious about it at all. Duh. The dude is also majorly into video games as well- along with his puppet porn sites, he writes the game review magazine called GameBro as well as has a sweet entertainment system full of games, so both of these suggest that he spends a fair amount of time playing games and is pretty damn good at it too.

That isn't to say, however, that he can't be serious when the need arises. He's not so immature or irresponsible that he can't see when it's time to cut the shit, toss out the irony and get serious. Because he can. It just tends to take shit hitting the fan for it to happen, like a meteor heading for his little bro or fighting some mutant game boss. He's one of those people who simultaneously take life seriously, and yet roll through it making fun of shit and not taking a lot seriously, either. He's developed a good mixture of it so he's somewhat of an expert on the matter.

Motivations: From the start, it's obvious that Bro is primarily motivated by self preservation. The way he pushes and trains Dave and the unorthodox methods that he employs make it pretty obvious that Dave's survival is his main priority- but he doesn't skimp on himself either. He's dedicated a large portion of his life to learning how to fight and he doesn't cut corners in training. The reason for this is that he knows what a terrible game SBURB is. It's unclear how he knows the ins and outs of SBURB, but he knows enough to know that Dave needs all the training he can get in order to not die, because despite his shitty guardianship, Dave is still his brother and he cares about him.

So let's talk more about the fact that Bro is an irresponsible guardian and also his and Dave's relationship as a whole. If their relationship appears abusive, it's because it rather kind of is to a certain extent. Just by seeing their way of living, it's clear that Bro isn't exactly the best parent. Aside from the phallic puppets and the weapons and other dangerous objects that Bro keeps around the house, he makes Dave strife with him on the rooftop of their apartment daily. It becomes obvious, then, that Bro is leagues ahead of Dave in both skill and strength, as he tends to kick Dave's ass when the two of them do strife. The two also have more of a brotherly and antagonistic relationship than that of what a responsible guardian ought to have with their kid.

However, despite that, the one thing you should know is something that isn't immediately obvious. Even though he has a weird way of showing it, as well as a hard time expressing it a lot of the time, he loves Dave. For all of the man's mistakes, just about everything he's done in his life has been in order to see to it that Dave has a future. He's messed up time and time again, made more mistakes than he cares to admit (though he certainly doesn't deny the fact he has made them), but whether or not he loves and cares for Dave should never be called into question. He trained him to fight so that he wouldn't get himself killed in sburb, and though the training sometimes gets intense, it's never out of anger or because he's trying to be an asshole, it's for Dave's own good, in his mind. He sliced a meteor in half to buy Dave time to enter the medium. And above all else, he sacrificed himself in order for Davesprite- Davesprite, not even the 'real' Dave- to be able to get away. This shows that, to Bro, Davesprite was just as much the real Dave as Dave himself was. Basically to Bro, a Dave is a Dave and every Dave is worth sacrificing his life for.

Setting: Bro isn't one of those people who would overreact to being brought to the Capitol. No, he wouldn't like it at all but he wouldn't go crazy over it either. To him, it's not too far off from what SBURB is- a dangerous environment where you fight for your survival. He would do what he has to in order to survive and to protect Dave and he would adapt to the setting as best he could and he would probably do it pretty well. And hell, it's got food and showers, that makes it better to him than SBURB by default.

First Person Thread: [Dying.

Been there, done that, got a hole in the t-shirt. It doesn't suck any less than the first time it happened, but he isn't the type to get all boohoo-y about it, either. He's more of an "it is what it is" type person. It does bring back memories of his first death at the hands of Jack. Now that death had sucked- this one doesn't really have much on that one. This one lacks the emotional self-sacrificing aspect.

This is actually pretty tame in comparison, after giving it some thought. Laughably so. Had it been painful? Well duh. He may consider himself a badass, but that doesn't mean death doesn't hurt like a bitch. But it has nothing on his first one in terms of drama. That would've made for compelling TV, that's the kind of shit you get the popcorn and tissues out for. Not this one.]

The fuck am I supposed to even say, man? Do you want a t-tearful confesion a-about how I'm s-s-so upset? That I'm s-scarred for life and that I'll do whatever you w-wa-want me to from now on, if I just don't hafta go back into the arena?

[He snorts.]

Fuck you, that ain't my style. So I died, big deal. It ain't the first time that it happened, it probably won't be the last time that it happened. You gonna do this every time I kick the bucket? It's almost tempting to get myself killed over and over so that we can have these one-sided conversations. Really, the conversation is just fuckin' stimulating here. I feel like a better person now that we've had this talk. Truly.

[Now he just sounds bored as he runs a hand through his hair, shaking his head. This is ridiculous, but even more so is the idea that anyone would actually buy into this and use it as a way to beg to get out of an arena. It's obviously what they're looking for, but it's also obvious that it's just for their own amusement.

He's not gonna give them any satisfaction of begging.]

So. 'm I done here? I'm feeling done.

Prose: Bro wasn't a stupid person. He may have made questionable decisions in his life and poked a few bears that he shouldn't have poked, but he knew poking these bears could very easily land him in a whole lot of trouble- but not just him, probably Dave, too. If they could take him from whatever the fuck the afterlife was, then obviously they could do whatever they wanted.

It helped that he remembered the whole parent day debacle. He didn't remember what happened after getting taken away at the end of it, but he did remember the brief time there. He knew better than to fuck with them openly- he would fuck with them, though. One of these days. But he would play their little game first. Besides, it helped that he was something of a show-off anyway, so he could have a little fun with it regardless. The key to poking the bear was to do it but take then seriously all at the same time.

"Oh, you wanna see my skills, huh?" he asked, raising his eyebrows. "Well, I dunno. There're so many people here..." He faked a look of embarrassment, before sighing dramatically. "Oh, fine." Bro started pulling up his shirt, running a hand over the muscled skin underneath. "-oh, wait. Did you mean my weapon skills? I'm not sure if you can handle my weapon." He gave them a wink, before actually turning to the weapons rack.

"Yeah, yeah, I know I'm running out of time, keep your puffy lips on," he called as someone tried to remind him that he was on a time limit- the gamemakers didn't seem particularly impressed with him. He knew it was time to cut the shit and actually show off what he'd devoted a good portion of his life to; surviving and kicking ass.

With the sword in hand, he swirled and jumped, punched and kicked and sped around the training dummies, making short work of them. His style obviously had more to do with speed than brute strength, getting behind enemies and attacking from behind, hitting them where they were weakest and making sure he dodged out of the way before any imagined attacks could reach him.

Dave had once said that Bro was so fast, he could replace the ham in your sandwich before you ever realized what you were eating, and he was proving that statement true with the way he attacked the dummies. He may not have had all of the speed that he did back home, but his training made it clear that despite that, he was still a fast and deadly opponent.

When the last of the provided dummies were down, he snapped his fingers. "Bam. Done." His chest was heaving a little from the effort, but he could still go if he had to. With that, he put the sword back on the rack and began to stride away. Just before reaching the door, it appeared he had a thought. "Oh and did I mention I can sew? Because you bet your surgically enhanced asses that I can."

Peace out.

What is your character scored: Bro's score is essentially divided into two. There's his physical score that involves his fighting and whatnot. For that, I would peg him at a 12.

Then there are his people skills. As stated, and as shown in his samples, he's sarcastic and a bit antagonistic, giving off the air that he just doesn't care at all. In general he's a bit of a weird kind of guy with the social skills of a teenage boy most of the time. So as far as communication and the like, he probably scores about a 7.

The reason that he would score a 12 in skill is because the guy is a damn good fighter. He's spent his life practicing survival and sword fighting, and he's absolutely deadly with a sword. When he has the advantage, he likes to play mind games and manipulate people during fights, as well as use his speed to appear almost invisible. A lot of his attacks are ones you just don't see coming. He's still good at head to head combat though, but he prefers being stealthier. Like a ninja.

Also, he sliced a meteor in half as it was flying at Dave. That's probably a good reason to rank him physically at 12.

As far as powers go, the most notable ability that isn't really natural would be the aforementioned speed, or "flash stepping". With it, he's pretty much invisible with how fast he moves and attacks.

Other than his fighting and whatnot, he's also a skilled rapper, and he sews. He's also good at making puppet porn. That should clearly be mentioned, yes.

Additional information: N/A


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Yo! Sup. If you have any anything to say about how I play Bro, lemme know! Concrit is always loved. Anon enabled, comments screened and IP logging is off.
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